The Collapsible Umbrella

Color: Orange

The Weatherman® Collapsible is an ingenious spin on the commuter umbrella. Industrial-strength fiberglass defends against breaking and inverting, Teflon-coated fabric repels water, and vented canopies withstand winds up to 55 mph. There's no umbrella in the world like it – we checked.

What's new:

  • Optional Bluetooth technology: The choice is now yours. We’ve made our Droplet tracker a separate accessory (available later this fall) AND lowered our prices!
  • Upgraded fabric, free shipping, eco-friendly packaging – and so much more! Click for details.
    The Collapsible
    • Closed length (when collapsed): 19.5" (49.53 cm)
    • Open: 42" diameter (106 cm)
    • Auto open, manual close
    • Wrist strap for easy carrying

    The Stick

    • Closed length: 35.5" (90 cm)
    • Open: 44" diameter (112 cm)
    • Auto open, manual close

    The 62" Golf

    • Closed length: 39.5"
    • Open: 51" diameter, 62" arc length
    • Auto open, manual close

    The 68" Golf

    • Closed length: 42.5"
    • Open: 55" diameter; 68" arc length
    • Auto open, manual close


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