Never lose your Weatherman. You'll need an Android or iOS device and the Pebblebee tracker that is included in the box (located in the blue and white tin) to begin the set-up process.

 Follow these four easy steps:

1. Visit the App Store to download the Weatherman app for iOS or Android.
2. Follow the in-app instructions to set up your account.
3. Hold down the power button on the Pebblebee tracker until it beeps (about 3-5 seconds) so it can pair with the app (Bluetooth must be enabled on your device).
4. Zip the tracker into the waterproof pouch underneath the umbrella canopy.
Note: The CR2430 battery that comes fully charged with your Pebblebee tracker typically lasts for up to one year. Save your battery key (located in the blue and white tin) to replace the battery when it is depleted. 



What kind of device do I need for the app to work?

The Weatherman app is currently designed for devices that support Android and iOS 10.0 and up, like the iPhone and iPad.


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