We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest tribute to bravery and freedom, the Liberty Collection. This exclusive series is part of our ongoing commitment to Folds of Honor, a foundation devoted to providing educational scholarships to the families of our fallen and disabled service members.

Previous Designs and Inspiration

Our previous designs, traditionally celebrated for their rich and colorful patterns, have always aimed to embody the spirit of patriotism through the vibrant red, white, and blue of the American flag. The inspiration for this more simplistic design derived from our profound appreciation for the unsung heroes and hardworking individuals that protect us everyday – even if we may not be there to witness it firsthand. Just as stars shine their brightest when illuminated by the sun’s reflection, the dedication of our military members shines brilliantly in moments of quiet sacrifice.

The 2024 Liberty Collection arrives as a peaceful, clean, and pure homage to those moments of serenity that have become all too rare. Moments that are made possible by the sacrifice of our nation’s unsung heroes.

Key Features

  1. Folds of Honor Kids Umbrella: Sold out in 24 hours in 2023, now back with a new design.

  2. Long Sleeve Hoodie Sun Shirt: Combines robust protection with antimicrobial, UPF 50+ fabric.

  3. Expanded Product Line: Includes Collapsible, Golf Lite, and Stick styles.

Purpose and Impact

The Liberty Collection is more than just high-quality weather gear; it’s a pledge of support, a token of gratitude, and a means of honoring the heroic. A significant portion of proceeds from every sale goes directly to Folds of Honor, helping us contribute to a brighter future for the families affected by military service.

Call to Action

Join us in standing proud with those who serve. Explore the collection, find your statement of support and style, and be a beacon of hope and patriotism.

Real Life Stories 

“While looking into schooling, Penn State had one of the best programs for my intended major, meteorology and atmospheric science. Therefore after I got accepted, it was an easy decision for me to commit! I chose meteorology and atmospheric science because I have always been interested in the weather ever since I was little. I am always looking up at the sky just to observe it. To be able to study the weather and sky professionally is a dream I would like to make come true. One of my goals is to travel the world. I aspire to find a meteorology job that would allow me to travel so I can study the various weather of the world. This would be my ideal job.”

- Rachel Sabo


 “Severe storms have been a passion of mine since a young age. I remember always running outside to look at the sky when the storm sirens would go off in my hometown. This is why I chose to study atmospheric sciences. The reason I chose the University of North Dakota is due to its research opportunities and caring faculty. I'm currently involved in the American Meteorological Society Local Chapter at the University of North Dakota, which is a club for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists. I also have a job as a research assistant in the atmospheric sciences department at the University of North Dakota. In this job I recently assisted with atmospheric measurements for the NASA IMPACTS project. In the future, I hope to go to graduate school to earn my Masters and then PhD in Atmospheric Sciences. With these degrees, I hope to go into severe storms research either at the National Severe Storms Laboratory or a university.”

- Nicholas Camp 


“I chose the University of Louisiana Monroe for its Atmospheric Science Program. I have always loved everything about the weather. I am a Junior this school year, so I would love to be out in the field gathering information on storms and tracking their movements. NOAA would be a place I would work or The Tornado Tracking teams.”

- Bryce Reed




“I have taken a love of astrophotography and have been working towards getting some extraordinary pictures of various nebulas in the sky. I chose the University of Alabama Huntsville because I wanted to go into the atmospheric science/meteorology field. UAH is fairly close to home, and it is of course known as "Rocket City". When we toured UAH the drive and opportunities that they described were exactly what I was looking for. Classes are taught by instructors that work for NASA and the National Weather Service. There are internships galore and once I was on campus I knew it was the place I was meant to go. I have always been interested in the weather my whole life. From the paranoid child during a storm to an older teen trying to capture storms on my camera. My hope for the future is to work for NASA in some aspect and follow extreme storms. My ultimate dream job is to be a storm chaser.”

- Joshua Paulson