In the spirit of keeping adventure on your calendar, we are delighted to introduce the Weatherman Classic Long Sleeve Hoodie Sun Shirt, our first ever clothing launch and a groundbreaking addition to the world of outdoor apparel. Whether you’re spending a day out on the lake or hiking your favorite trail, you can enjoy the powerful protection of Weatherman in the form of a soft, breathable shirt. 

Protective Features 

As our loyal customers know, we try to always take into account their unique needs when they’re performing certain outdoor activities. From playing sports to long work days out in the sun, our products are designed with smart features that help to elevate the experience.

Spending more time outside shouldn't mean making compromises on comfort or safety, and that's precisely where the Weatherman Sun Shirt comes into play. Designed with unparalleled UPF 50+ protection, this innovative Sun Shirt is your steadfast defense against the sun's harmful UV rays. 

The antimicrobial fabric not only wicks moisture away with ease, but also keeps undesirable odors at bay, ensuring that you stay fresh and confident regardless of the intensity of your exertion. This cutting-edge material also fends off microorganisms which helps prolong the lifespan of the shirt. What makes this possible is a breakthrough process that intertwines Ag+ silver ion antibacterial agents directly into the fabric during the weaving and spinning stages. This sophisticated method ensures each fiber is infused with the following capabilities—antibacterial, heat-absorbing, and moisture-wicking.

But where the magic happens is the incorporation of special beads during the weaving process, making each piece not just comfortable to wear but relentless against odors and bacteria. Delving deeper, the Ag+ process is grounded in science (which we love); the positively charged silver ions are magnetically drawn to negatively charged bacterial cells, binding to them and effectively halting their ability to function. This not only offers a permanent septic shield but also ensures your clothing remains fresh, day in and day out.

Quick drying technology ensures that any encounter with rain or sweat won't weigh you down — the Weatherman Sun Shirt dries in a blink, keeping you comfortable and on the move.

Safety isn't just about the elements you can see — it's also about being seen. This is where the shirt's reflective accents are an added bonus, offering increased visibility for time spent outside after the sun goes down. These features ensure that you remain noticeable in low-light conditions, an essential factor for both urban and wild environments.

For added convenience, we incorporated a back seam zippered pocket perfectly placed for easy access. Secure your essentials without the worry of loss or damage, freeing you to focus on your game or activity.

Elevate Your Outdoor Gear 

The Weatherman Sun Shirt is more than just an article of clothing; it's a practical tool for anyone who loves to play or work outdoors. Whether you're climbing up a mountain, fishing on the lake, or simply out walking the dog, this shirt is designed to be a low-key yet essential part of your gear.

With this release, we're not just launching a new product, we're offering a new way to embrace the elements. The Weatherman Sun Shirt is an invitation to get outside and explore without the usual constraints of weather or worry!

Join us on this new chapter of adventure and step into the Weatherman Sun Shirt — our latest innovation that is a testament to the protection of Weatherman and represents the spirit of the adventurer: resilient, ready, and ever-responsive. Shop now and elevate your outdoor gear.