When it comes to trend-setting fashion accessories, umbrellas are often overlooked. However, we’re thrilled to drop an umbrella that is bound to change the way we look at this rainy-day essential with our new Limited Edition Stick Umbrella designed by graffiti legend, Lady Pink. This collaboration has brought art and practicality together in a way that will make you excited for any storm.

Lady Pink: A Pioneer of Graffiti 

Lady Pink’s story is one of perseverance, artistry, and significance. The cult figure and artist, known for her commanding presence and bold, boundary-pushing pieces, has left an indelible mark on the urban landscape and the wider art community alike. 

Born as Sandra Fabara in Ambato, Ecuador, Lady Pink moved to New York City with her family as a young girl, eventually finding solace and creative expression in the city's bustling street art scene. Initially just a teenager experimenting with graffiti, Lady Pink quickly rose to become an iconic figure in the art world and one of the leading women in the male-dominated street art scene of the 80s. 

Her distinctive style combines colorful, bold lettering with surreal, intricate imagery and her pieces are often known for highlighting messages of social injustice while celebrating her Latina roots. 

Over the years, her art has been commissioned by the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, and Levi's. She has also had exhibitions and installations in renowned institutions including the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Brooklyn Museum. Despite facing obstacles such as discrimination and a lack of recognition, Lady Pink persevered and continued to create art that resonates to this day. 

Today, she continues to create masterpieces on canvas while also leading mural workshops and lectures for young students and aspiring artists. 


Lady Pink and Weatherman 

Introducing the Lady Pink x Weatherman Single Canopy Stick Umbrella, handcrafted and personalized by the trailblazing Lady Pink herself. Embodying the essence of graffiti culture, this remarkable piece showcases Lady Pink's unique aesthetic. It features the names of cherished friends, subway painting pioneers, and tags of graffiti legends SMITH (her husband) and his late brother, Sane. 

And in the afterglow of celebrating over 5 decades of Hip Hop, this carefully-crafted New York umbrella stands as a tribute to New York City's profound influence on this cultural phenomenon. With the Lady Pink x Weatherman Single Canopy Stick Umbrella in hand, you'll effortlessly navigate the streets of New York, come rain or shine.

Functionality wise, the umbrella is built to last. The canopy is created with high-density, reinforced fiberglass, making it durable yet lightweight. This new release from Weatherman is an elevated version of our standard Stick umbrella, which means it's wind-resistant and can withstand a drop of 55 mph. 

It also features an ergonomic handle that offers a more comfortable grip. Plus, each of our New York umbrellas come with a lifetime warranty so that you can enjoy its protection for years to come. 


Get Your Limited Edition Lady Pink Stick Umbrella Today 

Our new special edition umbrella collaboration with Lady Pink is more than just another fashion accessory. It's a story of skillful artistry and practicality combining to make one functional masterpiece. The durability and quality of Weatherman New York umbrellas make them a sound investment, but this collaboration takes it to a new level. 

As an art lover, you can look forward to owning a piece of history that transcends time. And on those days when it's raining too hard to enjoy the outside world, the Lady Pink Umbrella will help you get out there and live a little closer to the edge while offering protection as tough as NYC itself.