11-23-22 – Are you looking for the best gift for the golf fanatic in your life? The holidays are the perfect time to find something special for golfers and fans of the sport. As a well-regarded brand across the golf industry, Weatherman has the inside scoop on what your golf-loving friend, colleague or family member would enjoy. We have compiled a list of the best gifts for golfers – for varying budgets, needs and styles. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, stocking stuffer, a big present under the tree, or a ‘just because’ treat for your favorite golfer, the following list has everything you need. From home goods to apparel, top golf umbrellas, and everything in between, read on to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

NEW YORK, NY; November 23, 2022 –

13 Best Gifts for Golfing in any Weather

Weatherman Golf Umbrellas 

The award-winning Weatherman Golf Umbrella is the perfect present for golfers and spectators of the sport. It’s not only the ideal accessory to bring along on the ole back nine, it’s practical and useful all year round. 

With so many high end golf umbrellas on the market, it may seem hard to choose which one is right for your favorite golfer. However, the choice is easy when it comes to a Weatherman Umbrella. Not only has it been awarded Golf Digest’s Editor’s Choice for Best Golf Umbrella FIVE years in a row, this umbrella is even recommended by Oprah – and for good reason!

The Weatherman Golf Umbrella is designed for complete protection no matter if it’s a windy, rainy, or especially sunny day out on the green. The Weatherman 62" Golf Umbrella or Weatherman 68" Golf Umbrella protects your golfer from sun or rain. The protective UPF 50+ barrier protects them from the sun, while the water-repellent fabric keeps them dry and comfortable. 

Whether your golfer is learning the basics, watching from the sidelines, or competing in a high level tournament, this industry-favorite golf umbrella allows your golfer to focus more on the game rather than the weather. 

Plus, golfers love the stylish designs, smart engineering and lasting durability. The Weatherman Golf Umbrella is available in a variety of colors and designs, including the special edition umbrellas like the Arnold Palmer Golf UmbrellaFolds of Honor Umbrella, and other sleek designs. These golfing umbrellas are hands down some of the best gifts for golfers! 


Half-zip Golf Sweater 

You can’t go wrong with gifting a new sweater! This gift is perfect for early morning tee times, where it may start out a bit chilly, but end up rather hot. A sharp half-zip design can keep any golfer warm throughout the morning, until it’s warm enough to slip off. 

Make sure to find the right style of sweater that’s easy to move in, and high quality so that it lasts for many tee times to come. 


Best Tech Gear to Improve the Game

Golf gifts have really come a long way – especially on the tech side of things. Whether the golfer in your life wants to play professionally, or step up their game among peers at the course, these gifts can help! 


Putting Aid 

A putting aid or trainer helps improve your golfer’s putting at home, so he or she can practice anywhere. There are several putting aids on the market to choose from. 

The right putting trainer can assist in finding the perfect putt and pace control, which allows a golfer to really focus their practice on improving their technique in a fun and entertaining way. Look for a putting aid that offers a high quality finish with great features that golfers have come to expect in a trainer. 


Golf Rangefinder 

A golf rangefinder allows your golfer to determine the target’s distance with a higher degree of precision and accuracy. Look for a rangefinder that has a field angle of at least 7 degrees, and that has high-level magnification abilities. 

We recommend the Pofey Golf Rangefinder. It can scan a distance of 1500 yards and is also really comfortable. It's ergonomic with textured rubber to help increase friction, making it super easy to use and not slip out of your golfer's hands. It’s even eligible for use in a golf tournament, making it perfect for amateurs and pros alike. 


Golf Swing Analyser 

Every golfer needs a golf swing analyser! It’s like having a pro by your side to help a golfer perfect their swing. 

What is it exactly? A golf swing analyser is a super smart device that helps with ball striking. It measures a huge amount of metrics, making it a great way for any golfer to figure out how to improve their swing. 

Blast Golf Swing Analysers are a great choice when it comes to this techy gift. It’s easy to use and equipped with essential features. Plus, golfers can get instant access to the mobile app, where they can receive instant feedback. 

This gift encourages more focused and meaningful practice, making it an excellent choice for the golfer who wants to improve their game. We recommend this gift mainly for intermediate and advanced golfers – beginners might find it difficult to understand all of the data. 


Best Gifts for Golfers on the Go

These are some of the best gifts for golfers who are always on the go, or love traveling and getting outside. These gifts make trekking back and forth to the golf course super easy. Whether your golfer is just to the golf course, or traveling across the country for a tournament, these gifts are a great choice!

Collapsible Umbrella

Golfers on the go don’t want to lug around a ton of gear. At the same time, getting stuck in an unexpected downpour is a great way to ruin the day. 

Your favorite golfer doesn’t have to choose between portability and comfort with the Weatherman Collapsible Umbrella. An alternative option to the Weatherman Golf Umbrella, the collapsible umbrella is incredibly easy to store in your golf bag and ready to use in seconds if it starts to rain. 

This top rated umbrella makes for an excellent gift for golfers (or for anyone on your list) this holiday season. It’s always a good time to shop collapsible commuter umbrellas to have on hand whether planning a day on the course, or just keeping one on hand for unexpected weather. 


Portable Speaker with Bluetooth 

Another clever and reliable choice for a gift is a portable bluetooth speaker. Playing your favorite song, listening to a motivational speaker on a podcast, or hearing the latest golf news can help take the game to new heights. 

Most portable speakers are pretty affordable. You might even be able to find one for under $30. 


Golf Tote Bag

Tote bags aren’t just convenient for grocery shopping. They’re an awesome accessory for bringing along all the snacks and loose items you don’t want shuffling around in your golf bag. You can easily find a golf-inspired tote bag that your loved one will think is pretty nifty. 

Extra points if you personalize the bag with their name, photo or in some other special way that makes it unique. 

Travel Bag

If you’re familiar with the golf lifestyle, you know it can involve some traveling. That’s one of the things golfers love about the sport! That’s why a travel bag is a perfect gift for the golfer that enjoys a quick weekend trip to new golf courses.

Look out for a travel bag that is high quality durable, and comes equipped with the right amount of storage and compartments for all the things an golfer brings along with them. The best travel bags account for golf clubs, balls, and other essential gear and are designed for safe flying and comfortable transport. For the frequent (or even occasional) travelor, this is a great gift! (Oh – and it pairs nicely with the Weatherman Travel Umbrella). 


Best Gifts for Golfers’ at Home

We’re all about giving thoughtful golf-themed gifts for the home! Who doesn’t get a kick out of displaying gifts and items that show off your hobbies and interests? The golfer in your life will adore these gifts to brighten up their home. 

Golf Cheese Board and Knives Set 

Nothing says party like a customizable charcuterie or cheese board! Whether your golfer loves having friends over for dinner parties, or just enjoys a fun lunch after spending the day at the course, this is a classic gift. 

We recommend the Mark & Graham Golf Cheese Board and Knives Set priced at $95. It’s a completely customizable cheese board and knife set that sports an adorable golf theme. Under the “green”, there is also a hidden compartment of the utensils and tools you need for serving. It certainly speaks to every entertainer’s heart. 


Monogrammed Golf Hand Towels

For the person in your life that loves both golf and interior decorating, monogrammed towels make for a rather clever gift. There’s no better way to show off your love for the game, while adding a personal touch to your bathroom when entertaining guests. 


Best Gifts for Staying Hydrated 

It’s critical that golfers (and everyone) stay hydrated! Drinking enough water is something everyone struggles with, but especially athletes that are constantly outdoors and moving their bodies. Golfing can take a toll, particularly on hot days! These gifts make it easy to ensure the golfer in your life is staying hydrated.


A large tumbler for water is an ideal gift for golfers and a great accessory on and off the golf course. When shopping for a tumbler that will suit your loved one’s needs, make sure to look out for key features like a flip straw, handle, leak-proof lids, etc. We recommend the Stanley The Iceflow Flip Straw Tumbler. 

Stanley tumblers are big enough to help your golfer stay hydrated on the course all day long. Not only does it hold a sturdy 30 ounces, but it can still fit into a standard cup holder in your golfer’s car. This makes it a great choice for carrying on the course, to the office or wherever life takes you. Plus, it’s made from recycled plastics from discarded fishing nets – so both your loved one and the environment will love it! Win-win!

Soft Cooler 

Whether your favorite golfer spends his afternoon putting in the backyard, or all day on the green, a cooler can definitely come in handy. Many outdoor enthusiasts and golfers will agree that Yeti is a top choice. You know you can trust a brand known for being rugged and high quality. 

The Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler is a gift that’s on the more expensive side of the shopping spectrum, but it’s a gift you can feel confident your loved one will be stoked to get! This cooler makes sure your golfer’s drinks and snacks keep cool all day long. It can hold up to 16 pounds of ice, and up to 13 bottles or cans, making it roomy enough for a full day of golfing. 

While this one is a bit pricier, many golfers report using Yeti coolers for decades. They’re built to last and great no matter where the game takes your golfer. 


Before You Go 

Whether the golfer in your life is a competitive pro or a bit more casual, you can easily assume that golf gifts are on their wish list. Getting the perfect golf gift shows the golfer in your life that you care about their sport and interests, and that you’re thinking of them. 

What’s your favorite gift on this list? Comment below to share your thoughts!


More About the Weatherman Golf Umbrella 

The Weatherman Golf Umbrella is a must-have accessory. The Weatherman is one of the top golf umbrellas and a preferred choice throughout the industry. It’s recognized for its ability to hold up against Mother Nature’s harshest conditions. 

Our golfing umbrella is built to last, available in a variety of patterns and colors, and it will ensure your day out on the course is an enjoyable one. It comes equipped with unique features for sun protection, storage and comfort. If you are on the lookout for the best golf umbrella, you will find Weatherman offers a number of high quality umbrellas


The Best Golf Umbrella  


Discover the perfect companion on and off the golf course. The Weatherman Golf Umbrella has won the Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award for Best Golf Umbrella for five years in a row since 2018. We might sound biased – but it’s truly a work of art with its expert engineering, water-repellent and UPF 50+ fabric, and unique features for elevating the golf experience. 

It makes for the perfect companion on and off the golf course. Boasting industrial-strength fiberglass, it can easily withstand winds of up to 55 mph. Our windproof umbrellas for golf protect you from the harsh rays of the sun, while doubling as a rain umbrella.  

We create our sports umbrellas with your love for the game in mind. Don’t let rain or sunshine hold you back from getting out there! Plus – Weatherman Umbrellas make the best gifts for golfers. Shop the 62 Golf Umbrella or 68 Golf Umbrella. We also offer a number of special edition designs for the golf lover in your life, Arnold Palmer Golf UmbrellaFolds of Honor Umbrella, and more. 



When you choose the Weatherman Golf Umbrella, you can enjoy the following features and 

  • UPF 50+ sun protection 
  • An auto open and manual close 
  • A mesh pocket for handy storage 
  • Wind-tunnel capabilities for up to 55 mph
  • A reinforced silicone rib for hanging your towel 
  • Open canopy measures 57" in diameter with a 68" arc

The Weatherman Difference  

With so many top umbrella brands out there, it can be challenging to decide which one is the right one for your needs. Weatherman Umbrellas are a product you can trust. After years of engineering to perfect our design, we took our product from a classic umbrella to the award-winning high end umbrella that it is today – known for its durability, style, comfort and sturdiness. 

Explore our collections of collapsible golf umbrellassmall travel umbrellaswindproof umbrellasstick umbrellas and more to see the difference for yourself. 


More Products to Enjoy  

Check out some of our other high quality umbrellas


The Collapsible Umbrella   

With the Weatherman Collapsible Umbrella, you can enjoy portability at its finest. It is easy to store in your bag and ready to use in seconds at the first sight of rain. If it’s the time of year to shop umbrellas, our collapsible commuter umbrellas are an excellent choice. 


The Stick Umbrella   

The Weatherman Stick Umbrella offers an upscale look for your big day. Stay dry in style. Our stick umbrellas combine many of the same intuitive features we’ve mentioned above such as high-quality water-repellent fabric and windproof capabilities, with a modern elegance for the modern professional. 

Weatherman is one of the best umbrella brands for delivering an umbrella that is high quality and designed for the long haul. Explore all of our styles and stay tuned for new designs. 

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