Travel Umbrella


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Color: Deep Ocean

The small-yet-mighty umbrella that puts all others to shame.


Compact But Mighty  

Weatherman Travel Umbrella is ready to accompany you on your daily adventures. It weighs under a pound and is less than 12 inches long – the perfect size for a purse or small backpack.

Why Choose Weatherman Travel Umbrellas

  1. Designed for Durability
    Reinforced aluminum defends against inverting and breaking, water-repellent fabric that keeps you dry, and the canopy fights off winds up to 45 mph.

  2. The Right Size 
    Ultra-light and compact, our travel umbrellas are specially crafted for commuters on-the-go. It weighs less than a pound and measures less than 12 inches in length, making it ideal to stow away in your everyday purse or small backpack, just in case.

  3. Engineered for Simplicity
    The auto-open and auto-close feature, along with the quick-folding system that efficiently shakes off water residue, make this compact umbrella the best one for travelers seeking ease of use and care.
Features and specs
  • Wind-tunnel tested to 45 mph
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Closed length (when collapsed) measures 11.8"
  • Open canopy measures 37.8" in diameter
  • Auto-open, auto-close
  • Wrist strap for easy carrying
  • 360° reflective trim for high visibility in the dark

"After spending almost two years testing Weatherman's umbrellas, we can confidently say the brand offers the best quality for the money."

Wind-tunnel tested – for real.

When we say windproof, we mean it. We put our umbrellas through a rigorous process to ensure they'll protect you in all conditions.