Stick Umbrella


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Color: Neon Orange

This sophisticated powerhouse stands up to the toughest storms with ease.


A Modern Take on a Classic Design

Reimagined for the modern world, Weatherman Stick combines research-based engineering and sophisticated design to deliver a new-and-improved favorite for daily commuters & city dwellers. 

Why Choose Weatherman Stick Umbrellas

  1. Elegant Design 
    Inspired by the umbrella’s original form, the Weatherman Stick Umbrella is the perfect choice for an individual with taste for elegant, yet modern design.

  2. Fit for Two
    Perfect for when it’s “raining cats-and-dogs”, and you still have to take your pet for a walk, the Stick is ideal to cover you and your companion–two-legged or four-legged. 

  3. Built to Last
    Industrial-strength fiberglass defends against breaking and inverting, water-repellent fabric that keeps you dry, and vented canopies withstand winds up to 55 mph.
Features and specs
  • Wind-tunnel tested at 55 mph
  • Closed length measures 35.6"
  • Open canopy measures 44" in diameter with a 55" arc
  • Auto open, manual close
  • 360° reflective trim for high visibility in the dark

"After spending almost two years testing Weatherman's umbrellas, we can confidently say the brand offers the best quality for the money."

Wind-tunnel tested – for real.

When we say windproof, we mean it. We put our umbrellas through a rigorous process to ensure they'll protect you in all conditions.