The Weatherman Story

Weatherman Umbrellas hit the market in 2017 with a mission: to create an umbrella that lasts, becomes part of your daily routine and most importantly, serves as your adventure protection plan. We aim to empower you to get outside and enjoy what matters most – no matter the weather forecast.

The Backstory

Weatherman was founded by Rick Reichmuth, a nationally recognized TV meteorologist. After spending years covering extreme weather events without coming across a dependable umbrella, Rick decided to create one himself.

Rick took apart hundreds of umbrellas in his New York City apartment and studied their shortcomings before bringing his vision to life. Weatherman launched in 2017 and has consistently been named as one of the top-quality umbrella brands.

Guaranteed to last

From wind-tunnel testing to a rigorous quality control checklist, we don't cut any corners when it comes to making umbrellas that hold up. And with our lifetime warranty, Weatherman's got you covered – no matter what.