We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with the Arnold Palmer organization and this new design brings with it a way for you to make a difference. Introducing the Arnie's Army Legacy Golf Lite Umbrella, a tribute to the fans who were there every step of the King’s journey – Arnie’s Army. And a percentage of the sales will be donated to the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation, which is dedicated to strengthening communities and improving the lives of children and families through health, wellness, and educational initiatives

About the Foundation 

The Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation carries forward the philanthropic spirit and legacy of its founders, Arnold Palmer and his wife Winnie. Since its inception, the foundation has been unwavering in its commitment to enriching lives and communities. With a focus on children's health, the foundation has become a beacon of support, offering programs that aim to give young people the tools they need to succeed in life, while ensuring they have access to the medical care required to live it to the fullest.

In addition to health and wellness, the foundation places a significant emphasis on education. By granting scholarships and supporting learning initiatives, the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation aims to empower the next generation with education and life skills. This holistic approach to community building exemplifies the legacy of Arnold Palmer - not only as a legendary golfer but also as a humanitarian deeply invested in giving children the chance to live a Life Well Played. 

About Arnie’s Army 

The phrase "Arnie's Army" originated during the 1958 Masters Tournament when Arnold Palmer's enthusiastic fan base among the military personnel at nearby Camp Gordon came to support him, marching behind him from hole to hole like a faithful battalion. Over the years, this term grew to encompass the vast crowds of fans and supporters who followed Palmer throughout his storied career. The loyalty and passion of "Arnie's Army" were unmatched, making them a memorable part of golf history.

With the establishment of the Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation, "Arnie's Army" has evolved from a term representing sports enthusiasts to a powerful force for philanthropy, carrying on Palmer's legacy of generosity and community support. The "army" now includes donors, volunteers, and advocates who are committed to continuing Palmer’s charitable mission. Their collective efforts, in the spirit of Palmer's warmth and charisma, ensure that "Arnie's Army" remains a profound influence, not just in the realm of golf, but in the lives of those they help.

About the Umbrella 

The Golf Lite - Arnie's Army Legacy Umbrella is performance-driven with robust protection that allows golf enthusiasts a way to pay homage to Palmer’s legacy come rain or shine. With its sleek design and lightweight structure, it promises to be an indispensable accessory for any golfer.

The umbrella's canopy features a classic and sleek design, with “I Am a Member of Arnie’s Army” in bold lettering. The first of many Arnie’s Army umbrellas to come, this umbrella is a symbol of solidarity and support, merging functionality with a sense of belonging to a community driven by Arnold Palmer’s legacy.

In addition to being nice on the eyes, the Legacy Golf Lite is also equipped with sophisticated protective features. Water-repellent fabric effortlessly reflects rain and keeps you dry, while the frame is constructed with industrial-strength fiberglass designed to withstand gusty winds, ensuring golfers stay focused on their game, just like Palmer did. The ergonomic handle and non-slip grip provide comfort during long rounds.

Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to the Arnold Palmer Charitable Foundation, empowering the golfing community to contribute to causes that were close to Palmer's heart. This initiative not only commemorates his contributions to the sport but also extends his charitable legacy.

Raise an Umbrella to the Arnold Palmer Legacy

The Arnie's Army Legacy Umbrella is a companion for golfers who respect the sport's history and want to carry a piece of it with them as they forge their own legacies. Be prepared for any weather condition just like Arnold Palmer was, with an umbrella that symbolizes resilience, innovation, and the love of the game.