NEW YORK, NY; June 3, 2022 

In the sports world, winning back-to-back championships often indicates the start of a dynasty for many teams. However, winning five years in a row is what many would consider “absolute dominance.” 

For Weatherman Umbrella, it’s business as usual. 

Over the past five years, Weatherman Umbrella has won the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award for Best Golf Umbrella. 

While the publication cites several key features, such as a mesh inside pocket and a silicone-coated supporting rib for towels, one distinguishing trait makes the Weatherman Golf Umbrella stand out amongst its competitors — the high-quality umbrella was designed by an avid golfer.

As a lifelong golfer, Rick Reichmuth wanted an umbrella to assist golfers in more ways than one. Instead of just crafting another ordinary umbrella, Rick took it further and produced a one-of-kind product. 

For the full story on the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Golf Umbrella, visit Golf Digest

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