Travel Umbrella


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The small-yet-mighty umbrella that puts all others to shame.


Compact But Mighty  

Weatherman Travel Umbrella is ready to accompany you on your daily adventures. It weighs under a pound and is less than 12 inches long – the perfect size for a purse or small backpack.

Why Choose Weatherman Travel Umbrellas

  1. Designed for Durability
    Reinforced aluminum defends against inverting and breaking, water-repellent fabric that keeps you dry, and the canopy fights off winds up to 45 mph.

  2. The Perfect Size
    Designed with the commuter in mind, it weighs under a pound and is less than 12 inches in length, making it perfect to carry with you in your purse or small backpack everyday in case of a surprise shower.

  3. Engineered for Simple Use and Care 
    Its auto-open, auto-close device and quick-folding system that casts off any residual water make it the best compact umbrella for travel.
Features and specs
  • Wind-tunnel tested to 45 mph
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Closed length (when collapsed) measures 11.8"
  • Open canopy measures 37.8" in diameter
  • Auto-open, auto-close
  • Wrist strap for easy carrying
  • 360° reflective trim for high visibility in the dark

"After spending almost two years testing Weatherman's umbrellas, we can confidently say the brand offers the best quality for the money."

Wind-tunnel tested – for real.

When we say windproof, we mean it. We put our umbrellas through a rigorous process to ensure they'll protect you in all conditions.