What happens when two innovation-led brands join forces? Well, Weatherman Umbrella is teaming up with McLaren to answer that question – and we’re excited to announce this exhilarating collaboration

March 29, 2023

If you follow F1 races, you’ll be sure to spot a familiar logo on the tracks. (Hint hint: it’s a big W and stands for Weatherman!) Launching 03/29/2023, this Limited Edition umbrella has become the new favorite accessory to the sport by some of your favorite McLaren Formula 1 racers. And now you can purchase it too. 

In order to create a special edition umbrella that both professional F1 drivers and their fearless fanbase would love, we knew two things would be absolutely necessary. First, the umbrella would have to be engineered with the F1 lifestyle and racers in mind. The most important thing is that it protects racers & their fans from the intense weather conditions that might accompany an intense day out on the circuit. 

Second, we knew we would have to push the boundaries with the design. That’s why we chose to go with a streamlined, yet bold look and color palette that captures not only the notorious McLaren brand, but the ethos of racing culture. Available in both the team’s classic “Papaya” orange and their most recent color “Anthracite”, it’s the perfect yet practical way to show off your team spirit. 

This new Limited Edition McLaren x Weatherman Umbrella is available in two different sizes. We chose to go with a design similar to our 68” Golf Umbrella for the drivers, and one similar to our classic Collapsible Umbrella for fans. 

Like all other Weatherman umbrellas, both styles are built to last, yet light-weight and utilize sophisticated technology to ensure ease of use. With just a touch of a button, they close up automatically and they’re compact enough to keep in a day bag with other essential gear. 

What’s more is that they will be the first product of our new UVX Collection, which debuts our UV and Heat Reducing Fabric. This new material provides powerful protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and works to reduce temperatures up to 10 degrees (Farenheit), while also being water-repellent – it’s the best for both extremes. 

Whether it’s a heatwave or raining buckets kind of day, this umbrella guarantees that one can still feel comfortable and enjoy the race. 

Here is a full list of features: 


Golf Umbrella 

  • Used by the 2023 Grid Team 
  • *NEW* UV and Heat Reducing Fabric 
  • Wind-tunnel tested to 55 mph
  • Closed length (when collapsed) measures 39.8"
  • Open canopy measures 51.5" in diameter with a 62" arc
  • Auto open, manual close
  • Mesh pocket inside the canopy for handy storage
  • Reinforced Silicone Rib inside the canopy to hang your towel
  • Newly designed handle that fits all pushcarts
  • 360° reflective trim for high visibility in the dark

Collapsible Umbrella 

  • Used by the 2023 Grid Team 
  • *NEW* UV and Heat Reducing Fabric 
  • Wind-tunnel tested at 55 mph
  • Closed length (when collapsed) measures 19.5"
  • Open canopy measures 40" in diameter with a 50" arc
  • Auto-open, manual close
  • Wrist strap for easy carrying
  • 360° reflective trim for high visibility in the dark

The Limited Edition McLaren x Weatherman Umbrella will only be available until sold out, which means the race is on to get this one-of-a-kind umbrella. Hurry to get yours today.