A Note from Rick at Weatherman

First off, I hope you’re staying safe, healthy and connected to those who matter to you. 

Who knew our world could be flipped upside down so fast? These are trying times that most of us have never experienced. I know we can make it through this together, expressing and listening to each other’s needs, and helping where and when we can.

We know we all need to get outside for some fresh air, sun, solitude and connection with our friends (albeit six feet apart). Sometimes that’s even when it’s raining. We built Weatherman to give you the confidence to go outside even in the toughest of conditions. I hope you feel a bit more secure and safe because you have a Weatherman in your hand. That has always been our purpose from when we launched in 2017 and seems even more fitting today.

I think of all the small businesses across the United States trying to survive, adjusting every day to all the rapid changes, and as a small business owner myself, I know just how tough it is.

I believe that sharing personal stories of struggle and survival can be helpful during tough times and I would love to hear yours. You can always respond to this email or send me a note at RickR@weathermanumbrella.com. We’ll also stay in touch via all the usual channels.

I am grateful to you, our loyal customers, who are part of our resilient community and country.

Sincerely wishing you good health, safety, and some happiness,


Rick Reichmuth, Founder of Weatherman